Charles Testerman

Hello Friends! Welcome to my Web page!

¡Hola Amigos!  ¡¡Bienvenidos A Mi Pagina!!

My New Car

Mi Coche Nuevo

My new car did not come with a spare tire mount so I welded one up

Also, I needed a radio

I decided to add a trailer so I needed to make a hitch.
The trailer is a modified garden wagon that came from Big Lots.

The car and trailer ready to go to Krogers to fetch groceries

The canopy has been installed on my car

This is my Blue Sun AX3 Trike

This is my Red Sun AX3 Trike

Neither Sun Trike came with a trailer hitch so back to the welder and chop saw.

Now I can connect a trailer to the trikes to fetch groceries.

And off we go into the Sunset

With puppy dogs in the back...

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